The Langham Estate’s environmental commitment strengthens as we partner with Planet Mark

The Langham Estate’s environmental commitment strengthens as we partner with Planet Mark

We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with Planet Mark, a leader in sustainability and carbon management. This partnership is a pivotal move in solidifying our commitment to environmental responsibility and contributing positively on a global scale.

Planet Mark is at the forefront of sustainability and net-zero innovation; therefore, this collaboration not only ensures our practices align with the latest legal requirements but also provides us with support as we navigate the dynamic landscape of sustainability to ensure the reporting of our performance, including our carbon emissions, remains transparent.

We are actively engaged in measuring and developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for The Estate. This encompasses the implementation of a robust decarbonisation strategy, the delivery of CPD-accredited workshops, and training sessions to actively embed a culture of sustainability within our organisation, as well as reporting on credible figures to safeguard against greenwashing.

To monitor our progress, we are undergoing an annual certification review of our carbon emissions. This process serves as a valuable exercise to establish a carbon baseline, keep us on track for reducing emissions, make informed decisions on whom to implement sustainable and decarbonisation programs, contribute to our overall sustainability commitments, and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our new partnership enables us to demonstrate continuous commitment toward achieving our decarbonisation targets, transparently communicate the actions being taken, ensure that every step aligns with sustainability objectives, create a positive impact beyond our immediate sphere of influence, and foster a shared commitment to environmental stewardship among our team members.

As The Estate embarks on this journey for a low-carbon, sustainable future, we invite you to join us in creating a greener, more sustainable, and equitable future and reinforcing our shared responsibility towards environmental, social, and global well-being. For further information on our sustainability plans, contact Richard Hillyard, Head of Sustainability at The Langham Estate.


The Langham Estate's environmental commitment strengthens as we partner with Planet Mark